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Admissions Process

The First Step Toward Life in Recovery

Seeking treatment for addiction and behavioral health disorders can be overwhelming and emotional. We support potential clients and families with a flexible, thorough, and personalized admissions process.

Schedule an admission date

Case specialists work with clients to schedule the first possible admission date. For some clients, this process may take several months. Others arrive on campus within days of initial outreach.

A commitment to treatment

Length of treatment at Ocean Drive varies by client and is based on clinical need. Case specialists and the clinical team evaluate each client's circumstances during the admissions process to determine the most appropriate length of stay. Of course, we do our best to accommodate work and family obligations whenever possible. Learn more about Ocean Drive’s flexible care policy here.  


Contact a
clinical case specialist

Ocean Drive's case specialists can be reached any time of day or night. As part of the clinical treatment team, they have the experience and expertise to assist in determining what type of treatment best suits the client and family. To contact a case specialist, call 800-216-9512 or fill out the admissions inquiry form.  

Schedule detoxification

Clients may need to undergo detox before arriving at Ocean Drive. Case specialists can schedule this service at a safe, comfortable, and medically supervised setting near Ocean Drive or in the client's hometown. During this time, the medical team and case specialists will remain in close contact with the detox facility.

Get to know each other

Case specialists work closely with potential clients, family members, referring professionals, and the Ocean Drive clinical team to develop deep understandings of clients and family systems. During admissions, they gather relevant medical and psychosocial information to inform the client's treatment plan. Case specialists also help clients understand what to expect from the Ocean Drive treatment experience. They, along with the entire Ocean Drive staff, are always available to address questions and concerns.

Prepare for arrival

Our state-of-the-art residences and clinical campus come equipped with all the amenities clients need to feel at home. Clients should bring comfortable clothing, exercise apparel, and any desired personal items. We recognize and support the value of our clients being able to maintain contact with their business endeavors when clinically indicated; accordingly, we encourage our clients to bring cell phones, tablets, and laptops. We also furnish full business services including desktops, faxes, and express delivery services.

The first day.

Upon their arrival, clients explore Ocean Drive’s treatment environment and meet a variety of professionals who begin the intake process. We'll also be in contact with loved ones who plan to participate in the treatment. Learn more. 

Tour Ocean Drive

We know that choosing a treatment center is a weighty decision. Clients and family members are more than welcome to meet us in person, tour our residences, and get to know our staff prior to committing to care.