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Progressive Recovery Workshops

Anyone who has suffered from addiction or behavioral health disorders knows that recovery is a work in progress. Recovery is a lifelong commitment. It’s natural and expected to need a helping hand along the way. We recognize that our former clients may need additional support beyond their initial treatment experience. We embrace opportunities to support recovery and inspire alumni to keep growing.

What is a Progressive Recovery Workshop?

Progressive Recovery Workshops are week-long workshops at Ocean Drive’s clinical campus, focused on building upon the foundations established during an individual’s initial phase of treatment at Ocean Drive. Deeper exploration is done surrounding underlying issues, emotional regulation, effective communication and intimacy; all while working to enhance healthy coping mechanisms which are essential for navigating life.

The workshops also include process groups specifically for alumni, specialty groups that incorporate both alumni and current clients, and individual sessions with a primary and family therapist.

How to participate in
Progressive Recovery Workshops

Workshops are offered during a specific scheduled week each month. They begin on Mondays and conclude at the end of the clinical day on Fridays. Please contact us online or directly to Ocean Drive’s Alumni Coordinator – 561.982.3043 x8880 – if you are interested in participating.