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SOBERLINK Monitoring Services

A Cutting-Edge Accountability Tool to Support Clients' Recoveries
One way that we support clients’ ongoing recoveries is through SOBERLINK, a remote sobriety accountability program. SOBERLINK has not only brought peace of mind to alumni clients and family members, it has been instrumental in helping many maintain long-term sobriety.

How it works

Clients who choose to participate in SOBERLINK sign a contract agreeing to perform random sobriety tests using SOBERLINK's handheld breathalyzer. Twice a day, text messages prompt the client to test. Once the client takes the test, his or her result, photo, and GPS location is sent to the Ocean Drive support team. If the client must delay the test, he or she can notify the team via text message. If breathalyzer results are positive, the team will contact the client. If the client is unreachable after 15 minutes, the team will contact the client's therapist to initiate a mutually agreed upon action plan.

SOBERLINK is available to clients during and after treatment. The support team designs clients' testing schedules, creates accountability plans, and provides support throughout the process. Though participation is not mandatory, we strongly recommended a minimum commitment of three months.