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Make the Ocean Drive Experience Part of Everyday Life

Though participation is voluntary and always open, we urge clients and families to make Ocean Drive part of their Continuing Care plans.

Alumni buddy program

We facilitate relationships between local alumni clients and families.

Alumni reunions & events

We offer alumni events throughout the year, including guest speakers, golf outings, couples workshops, 
family events, and annual reunions. 

The Anchor newsletter

Discover the Latest and Share Your Stories

Published biannually, The Anchor alumni newsletter contains inspirational stories
and fresh insights from Ocean Drive. Email for information on how to share your story of strength. 

Recharge visits

Recharge visits are short-term opportunities for clients to continue processing recovery 
after initial treatment. During recharge visits, clients participate as guests in the same group 
and individual interventions as current Ocean Drive clients.

SOBERLINK services

Clients who choose to participate in SOBERLINK sign a contract agreeing to perform random
sobriety tests using SOBERLINK's handheld breathalyzer. Twice a day, text messages prompt the client to test.
Once the client takes the test, his or her result, photo, and GPS location is sent to the Ocean Drive support team.

Alumni & family support groups

Ocean Drive hosts its own support group for alumni clients every Monday evening. We also connect alumni clients 
and families to local support groups.

Receive inspirational
text messages

Subscribe to daily inspirational text messages: Text CARONNOW to 23000.
To confirm your request, text Y. To discontinue service, text STOP to 23000.
Standard messaging rates apply.