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Family Treatment

The Family’s Recovery Is A Top Priority at Ocean Drive

Our unique program has a long track record of helping families understand relational dynamics; identify maladaptive generational patterns; achieve appropriate dynamics; implement boundaries; and, ultimately, restructure relationships.

Family treatment plans

Thanks to our small size and qualified family therapists, we’re able to involve family members in client treatment and provide specialized family interventions from admission through Continuing Care. With open arms, we invite all loved ones — including immediate and extended family, friends, and colleagues — to participate at no additional cost. 

Like client treatment plans, family treatment plans are built from the ground up. Our masters and doctorate-level family therapists conduct intensive psychosocial assessments of family systems in order to craft customized treatment plans. While family programming looks different for everyone, all plans include the following core elements. 

Family counseling

Essential to the recovery process, family counseling is the backbone of treatment. Families are assigned a dedicated therapist who counsels them weekly. Sessions begin within 24 hours of the client’s arrival (if not before) and focus on issues such as maladaptive patterns of coping, co-dependence, and destructive family dynamics. The client’s primary therapist also calls families once a week, on average, to provide updates on the client’s progress. Both therapists collaborate with the family and the client throughout the program to recalibrate the family system.

The family continues to receive counseling by phone or in person (during family workshop, residential restructuring, and clinical impact visits) for the duration of the client’s time at Ocean Drive. Therapists continue to follow up with families and clients for as long as needed following discharge.  

Family workshops

We strongly encourage Ocean Drive families to commit to a three-day family workshop. A necessary extension of family counseling, the workshop is an invaluable opportunity for families to immerse themselves in restorative clinical work alongside their loved ones. 

Though curriculums vary from family to family, the program typically includes individual, group, and couples work. Tailored to each family’s needs, clinical interventions educate family members on the loved one’s disorder; establish roles; define personal recovery goals; and teach Ocean Drive’s clinical philosophy on family restructuring. Families have full access to all interventions and services during the workshop. 

Families also enjoy plenty of time to socialize with clients during their stays. Families and clients share meals, schedule date nights, and relax together at the residences or on the beach. 

Though scheduling is flexible, the family workshop typically occurs two weeks after the client begins treatment. Families can arrange to stay in one of six nearby hotels and can either request transportation assistance from Ocean Drive or rent their own vehicles. The Family Workshop is included in the cost of admission. 

Residential Family Program

An integral part of Ocean Drive’s treatment is the Residential Family Program. During this intensive program, the family member resides with the client and is provided the opportunity to address their individual needs while simultaneously working with the client to improve their relationship. The program is tailored to the needs of both the client and family member and provides the clinical team the opportunity to observe interactions, highlight concerns in real time and address the issues fueling dysfunction in the relationship. This program is offered at no additional cost to an Ocean Drive client and their family. The length of the program is determined by the clinical needs of the client.

Our Residential Family Program addresses issues such as trauma, unresolved grief and loss, attachment issues, communication difficulties and other couples related problems.

Continuing care services

Families also collaborate with Ocean Drive’s therapists and Director of Aftercare to establish comprehensive plans for continued recovery.

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