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Treatment Philosophy

Transforming Lives, Restoring Relationships

Our purpose is to heal, restore, and transform the lives of clients and families through highly personalized, nurturing, practical, and comprehensive care.

Engaging the whole family

We believe in treating the whole family, meaning we treat families alongside their addicted loved ones. We provide counseling and therapy to spouses, children, parents, siblings, extended family members, and close friends to re-establish boundaries, restore relationships, recalibrate the family system, and initiate widespread personal healing.

Treating the individual as the individual

Our clinical team creates customized treatment plans for each client based on his or her all-encompassing medical and psychological evaluation. Throughout treatment, the team looks for creative ways to optimize plans for long-term recovery. The same goes for families. Taking each family member’s unique needs into account, we design family treatment plans for each affected individual. 

Promoting a culture of
health & safety

In every way, Ocean Drive is a safe place for people of means to live and recover. One of our foremost goals is to establish nurturing, trusting relationships that last. 

Healing the
heart of the matter

Frequently, substance abuse and behavioral health disorders stem from deeper issues. We believe that treating these issues with proven behavioral health approaches is the only way to lay the foundation for permanent recovery. 

Experience the difference

Whether you’re considering treatment for yourself or researching on behalf of a loved one, we want to hear from you. 

Staying connected
to the world

We don’t ask clients to sever ties with work and home during their time with us. In fact, we believe that access to cell phones and laptops, social excursions, home visits, and even business travel is a viable component of treatment for some. However, under all circumstances, the client’s recovery remains our first priority.