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Care That Makes a Difference

Committing to treatment is a significant decision, but potential clients can be assured that Ocean Drive makes the experience valuable. Ocean Drive consistently delivers a level of care that exceeds high expectations, nurtures holistic healing, and brings about lasting change.

Evaluation & Treatment Planning
When it comes to personalizing care, we leave no stone unturned.
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Our Campus
Our elegantly-appointed facilities offer all the comfort and beauty of home.
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Behavioral Health Services
We look at the mind, body, and spirit to determine the causes of addiction.
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Medical Services
Our physicians bring years of dedicated experience to treating addiction and mental health.
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Neurofeedback Therapy
Mapping and stimulating the brain to restore normal functioning.
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Spiritual Support
Our approach to spiritual support can have a profound impact on recovery.
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Fitness & Nutrition
Clients are given opportunities to exercise and pursue physical wellness.
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Complementary Therapies
The mind-body connection is strong and is addressed during treatment.
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Life & Wellness Coaching
Life satisfaction is a crucial part of healthy, substance free living.
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Ocean Drive Care Support
Our continuum of care extends well beyond the client’s inpatient stay.
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