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Fitness & Nutrition

Clients are given opportunities to exercise and pursue physical wellness.

Research proves that exercise and addiction recovery go hand in hand. Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce stress and diminish cravings by altering brain chemistry, and improve symptoms of depression. For these reasons, exercise and wellness services are fundamental to treatment at Ocean Drive.

Our approach

At Ocean Drive, our mission is to help clients heal physically and psychologically — all while
making them feel perfectly at home. To support this effort, our in-house team of executive chefs prepares
and serves healthy, gourmet meals three times a day. A balanced diet is an essential first step toward healing the body.
In fact, research shows that nutrient-rich diets help reverse substance-induced health problems by
restoring neurotransmitter production, healing vital organs, and dampening cravings. 

Cooking for clients' needs

Like everything at Ocean Drive, nutrition services are tailored to clients’ unique needs.
We happily accommodate special diets (including Kosher, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan) and personal preferences.
Chefs and a licensed nutritionist also provide nutritional guidance to help clients create healthy meal plans that
serve their recovery goals.

Diet and nutrition services

Drugs and alcohol have harmful effects beyond intoxication and addiction. Excessive alcohol or drug intake hinders the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and expel toxins; de-regulates appetite; interrupts gastrointestinal processes; and alters brain functioning. As a result, newly recovering addicts frequently suffer from a host of health problems. 

Fitness and recreation programming

Ocean Drive provides clients with daily opportunities to exercise and pursue physical wellness.  In keeping with our philosophy that addiction treatment should address the whole person, we provide our clients with access to Lifetime Fitness, a high-end local gym and recreation center that offers best-in-class facilities and personal training services. Additional fitness amenities and services at Ocean Drive include: